D R I V E, D R O V E, D R I V E N

Hej hej!
Jag har precis kommit hem efter att ha varit ute och övningskört med pappa! Det gick jätte bra! Jag övade med dragningsläget i en brant backe och jag lyckades stå stilla, köra lite framåt och lite bakåt, så jag är väldigt nöjd! 
Ikväll blir det morden i midsummer och lite filmer som går på tv etc. Mysigt! 
I just came home after some driving practice with my dad! It went well! I was practicing with the friction point? Is that the right word? (I stood still in a steep hill and tried to drive forward without going backwards) Yep, anyways I succeeded! haha
Tonight it's midsummer murders (yay!) and some movies on tv (yay!) that I'll try to watch and...yeah, cozy! haha




1. The meaning of your blogname
2. 10 Things you don't know about me
3. My family
4. My fears
5. My breakfast
6. My phone
7. My middle name, and how I feel about it
8. My three favorite colours
9. My favorite season, and why
10. My favorite songs
11. My favorite movie
12. Three female artists I like 
13. My favorite tv-series
14. My top three favorite bands
15. Three male artisits I like
16. My favorite blogs
17. My dream job
18. 5 websities I often visit
19. Bullet your whole day
20. My favorite actors and actresses
21. My favorite Instagram's
22. Somewhere I'd like to move or visit
23.Three things: 2 true & 1 false
24. Shuffle your playlist and write down the first 10 songs that comes up
25. My favorite pair of shoes
26. My daily make up rouitine
27. My best buy
28. 3 wishes
29. Top 8 movies
30. Movies I'm expecting
Strarting tomorrow!